With its generalist and leadership approach, the degree programs in health economics at the University of Bayreuth meet the requirements of a complex healthcare system: the disciplines Healthcare Management and Health Sciences, Economics, Business Administration and Law provide an interdisciplinary training for students. After passing the selection procedure, students are admitted to the campus university in small and manageable groups. The Bachelor degree can be earned in twelve and the Master degree in nine study units. Students will primarily acquire knowledge and develop skills and capabilities in the following disciplines:

Essential insights into entrepreneurial practice are not only acquired through several months of internships but also through the so called “mentoring program“: Senior managers from the health care system accompany students as their personal contact persons and assist them on their way into the healthcare system – one of the growth industries in Germany. The demand for new supply and insurance models, efficient management and communication approaches in patient care but also in medicine-related industries is constantly increasing. The lack of specialized expertise can be met by health economists from Bayreuth. They can mediate between medicine and economy; they speak both "technical languages", so to say. Alumni are familiar with the human body and its diseases, hospital management and public health are not simply catch phrases but their "profession". They are trained in quality management, they know the capability of innovative e-health and they are able to make medical economics-related decisions based on an ethical foundation. To cut the matter short, our students learn to act responsibly and competently in the health care sector. Career prospects are accordingly promising. Increasing demand for graduates does not only exist within hospital chains and health insurances, these “all-rounders of the healthcare sector” are also sought-after in business consultancies. Their potential for management tasks has also been recognized by the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

For further information please visit the information portal of the university course "Health Economics" and see the information brochure of the University of Bayreuth.


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STUDY ABROAD - International Programs

For students of health economics, the IMG offers the possibility to complete parts of their studies at a university abroad. Currently, there are contacts established with the following universities:

USA (for MA only)

At present, there is no financial support for exchange programs within the USA. There is a total of five places available.


The exchange program with Valencia is realized within the ERASMUS program. Each student is supported with approximately 130 EUR monthly. A total of four places is available.

Furthermore, students of health economics can also make us of exchange possibilities that are offered by economic science.

For further information on the exchange programs please visit the International Office of the University of Bayreuth.

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