Pharmacoeconomics II

The market for pharmaceuticals is a core element of the health care sector. Pharmaceutical products have contributed major breakthroughs and improvements in diagnosis, prevention, cure and palliation to a number of ailments over the last decades.

Although the pharmaceutical industry is expected to further contribute innovation in the future, the market environment of its products has changed. Finite budgets, their corresponding rationing and prioritization issues as well as competing innovations in the light of the challenging demographics changes call for improved resource allocation on the basis of both clinical as well as economic research and evaluation. Pharmacoeconomics represents a science-based approach that can contribute to both current and future challenges.

The pharmacoeconomics program aims at providing specialised lectures and exercises/training modules in pharmacoeconomics. The program has been subdivided into 3 subprograms to meet the requirements and specific needs of different educational levels of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The emphasis is on contextual introduction of the specific agents, related decision making, and the scarcity of resources as well as the core elements of supply, demand and markets with regards to pharmaceutical products.

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